Saturday, December 08, 2007

What is MICR Ink?

What is MICR Ink?

What about MICR Ink? Since 2003, VersaCheck has produced and sold its MICR ink “VersaInk,” which it sells through its website and various retailers. This is an ink product available in common cartridge types for various HP, Canon, Lexmark and Dell inkjet printers. Versa also produces magnetic ink which can be used in remanufacturing or refilling these inkjet cartridges.

Inkjet printers, which utilize MICR ink for the black printing and color ink (which is not MICR) produce attractive and colorful checks for individuals and businesses which want that option.

“If you do not need color printing,“ says Shulman ”and you will be printing several hundred checks, you will want to use a MICR laser toner cartridge and printer. The cost per page will be substantially below an inkjet. It isn’t worth going to MICR printing and a dedicated printer if you only print a few or occasional checks. You are doing this because you have substantial volume.”

In addition, explained Shulman, inkjet cartridges are not only expensive (about $35 for an HP compatible MICR cartridge), but have a 2 year shelf life and six month usable life once opened. “If you only print a few checks a month,” explained Shulman, “your ink cartridges could dry up between use-causing substantial waste. I constantly have that problem with my own rarely-used home multifunction – and I don’t pay for my ink.”



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